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Marina Virdis

"(......) The suggestive pictorial and dramatic effects of Marina Virdis’ watercolours testify to the infinite variety of stylistic possibilities open to artists in their approach to the genre of botanical painting.
In her elegant portrayal of a Pomegranate , Punica granatum , the exuberant tactility of the fruits and the shiny chromaticism of the flowers seem to speak aloud to us. her sumptuous painting of Clematis cirrhosa brings to mind the brilliant brushwork of the school of Redouté, while the Arbutus unedo and Myrtus communis are brought to vivid life in paintings that are at once exquisitely graceful and intricately arranged."

Lucia Tongiorgi Tomasi
Professor of Modern Art history, University of Pisa

Alessandro Tosi
Associate Professor of Modern Art history, University of Pisa

Quoted from the Exhibition catalogue Italian Contemporary Art Today