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Marina Virdis

Marina Virdis and her flowers through botanical portraits.

"Last October * the scent-pharmaceutical "officina" of Santa Maria Novella. Florence hosted a very particular painting exhibition completely dedicated to flowers: Marina Virdis’ botanical portraits. This refined and sensitive painter living and working in Sardinia, a land most rich in sweet-smelling plants and flowers, paint from real life ranging from spontaneus flora to the wide world of roses and that of citrus plants and fruits. She has attained the perfetion today requested in botanical painting - at present a spreading and appreciated Art- after a long professional commitment in the world of business communication and graphic advertising.
Her works have long won important and significant acknowledgement both in the national and international field, besides the appreciation of Art and Garden experts.
Her Flower portraits are beautifully shown in the collection of prestigious foreign Institutions. And it could not be otherwise, because in front of an artistic expression of such a level, we are charmed both by the freshness and precision in portrayng the selected plants and by the small important details accompanying them.
To me, long living my life among plants, the visit to this exhibition has brought great delight becouse Marina Virdis depicts Nature surrounding us in a crystal-clear way, with no interpration, always stressing the peculiarity of the chosen subject.
As an evidence to this truth stands the splendid portrait of the magnificent Clivia miniata, one of the pieces I most admired and which will live in the memory of people who visited this interesting exhibition."

Sergio Orsi
Professor, University of Florence
and President of Italian Society of Iris

Quoted from Italian Society of Iris, periodical pubblication, 2002

* October 2002, Marina Virdis Botanical Art, Florence