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Marina Virdis

" Looking at her watercolours is like going back to the days of youth, or better, entering that space of the soul where youth is never lost.
Flowers perfectly painted, with a "botanical vocation". Passion and love for nature are interpreted and made alive by portraying the humblest species, but the ones nearer and best known to man (...) the ones the absent eye hardly sees, the ones for ever lost in town life and, sometimes, at an extinction risk even in the fields, because their beauty and utility are ignored.
Marina invites us to look at nature with different eyes, with respect and consciuous humility, with love, but above all she confronts us with the beautiful and natural truth of life."

Quoted from "Gaia’s flowers", solo-exhibition catalogue, 1993

Luigi Mossa
Professor of Fitogeography and Director of the Institute of Botany and the Botanical gardens of the University of Cagliari